Learn how to book safely here.

Block bookings have been made at select hotels close to the venue. Special rates have been negotiated. Room rates do not include breakfast unless otherwise specified.
Please click here to book your accommodation 




Distance From Venue


Rates From


Sofitel Gold Coast Broadbeach


4 mins walk


$239 per night

 GST included

The Star Gold Coast

6 mins walk

$249 per night
 GST included

Crowne Plaza Surfers Paradise


16 mins walk (or 1 stop via G-Link)


$199 per night

 GST included

AVANI Broadbeach Gold Coast Residences


6 mins walk


$220 per night

 GST exempt

Mantra Broadbeach on the Park


3 mins walk


$176 per night*


 *3 night minimum. GST exempt

Mantra Sierra Grand


10 mins walk


$195 per night*


 *3 night minimum. GST exempt

Breakfree Longbeach


30 mins walk (or 3 stops via G-Link)


$155 per night*


 *3 night minimum. GST exempt

Making a reservation

Bookings should be made on the registration form by 18 January 2019. Alternatively, you can book your accommodation before you register by clicking here. As rooms and rates are limited, we recommend you book as soon as possible. Bookings should be made by 18 January 2019 to avoid disappointment. After this date no guarantee can be made that rooms will be available. To secure your reservation, payment is required by credit card; either one night’s deposit or the full amount depending on the individual hotel’s policy. To see a list of the terms, conditions and cancellation policies, please click here. 

Changing your reservation

Please advise The Conference Company of any change to a reservation rather than contacting the hotel direct. 
Australian Freephone: 1800 193405 
Telephone (NZ): + 64 9 360 1240 

Cancelling your reservation

Please click here to refer to the Terms & Conditions specific to each of the properties which are on offer for accommodation bookings. 

Early Access

If you have an early morning arrival and require an early check-in, you will need to reserve your room for the previous night


For those looking for a more budget conscious accommodation option, the following hostels and backpackers are located in the general Surfers Paradise area approx. 10 – 20mins away by public transport or 30 – 40mins walk from the Gold Coast Convention Centre.*

Surfers Paradise Backpackers Resort, 2837 Gold Coast Highway, Surfers Paradise

Couple O’ Days Backpackers, 18 Peninsular Drive, Surfers Paradise

Backpackers in Paradise, 40 Peninsular Drive, Surfers Paradise

Bunk Surfers Paradise, 6 Beach Road, Surfers Paradise

Down Under Hostels, 76 Appel Street, Surfers Paradise

*TSANZSRS does not endorse or make recommendations for accommodation available outside The Meeting block bookings


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