Christopher Cates Back

Senior Clinical Research Fellow, St George's University of London, UK

Dr Christopher Cates has worked in primary care as a family doctor in England for 23 years and has a particular interest in the application of evidence to clinical practice.

Dr Cates started as a systematic reviewer with Cochrane Airways at the St George’s University of London in 1995 and has authored a number of systematic reviews summarising the risks and benefits of a variety of inhaled treatments and vaccinations for asthma and COPD. He has been Co-ordinating Editor of Cochrane Airways since 2003 and is now a senior fellow at Cochrane UK, where he has responsibility for oversight of Cochrane Training in the UK.

His website includes an online calculator which will create Cates plots. These are smiley face plots that visually communicate the risks and benefits of treatment. The plots help explain how the effects of treatment apply to high-risk and low-risk patients, and how the benefits and risks of treatments can be compared.